Gamma World (3rd Edition) - This revised version of TSR's popular forward to getting it as long as it matches the PDF as far as content. The third edition of Gamma World was published in GAMMA WORLD, PRODUCTS OF YOUR IMAGINATION, and the TSR logo are Distributed to the book trade in the United States by Random House, Inc., and.

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Gamma World 3rd Edition Unofficial Campaign Guide - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. This document is like the Dead. Referee's Screen and Mini-Module (Gamma World RPG 1st edition) by Paul Gamma World Rules Book (4th edition, #) by Bruce Nesmith, TSR TSR - - Gamma World (First Edition).pdf, Nov , M TSR - a - Gamma World (Third Edition) - Adventure, Nov

Collectors are always gunning for the lizardman logo set, but I think the 3rd has the best map. A word of caution: I've seen sets that TSR where mixed components, like a lizardman logo box with a wizard logo book. I got some pics of a well-done colored map over at our Game Gallery. Radiation, robots, wild mutations, strange lifeforms, it all started here on the starship Warden. Fiction with a similar background as M. Or a teleporting woodpecker with a double brain and a poison beak?

How about a nearly invincible jaguar, complete with the ability to change its body density and emit a sonic shriek, but which fears birds? A vast starship, a virtual world in itself, carrying colonists, livestock, and the flora and fauna of Terra is struck by a cloud of an unknown form of radiation while enroute to a distant star.

Chaos reigns when the radiation kills most of the crew, and in the ensuing madness the knowledge of what the ship is and where its destination lies is lost to the survivors - and there are many survivors. Intelligent mutated animals and plants now populate the vessel, and these compete or perhaps cooperate with the humans aboard. As a player, you may be a human or mutant - human or otherwise. Your course is up to your skill and imagination.

If you enjoy the worlds of medieval swords and sorcery, you will love what you find in the fantastic and fascinating worlds of science fiction! The choice is yours! A rich post-holocaust science fantasy setting. Finding relics in long-deserted cities of the Ancients Encountering bizarre mutated animals Thinning foliage that fights back A complete boxed set will include the main rules book and a large campaign map of ruined North America. I've seen 3 distinct versions of the 1st edition box set: The black and white cover graphics of the rules booklet reflects these differences.

Starting with the evocative cover art of 4 explorers crossing alien terrain, spotting the jagged columns of ruined buildings revealing an Ancient city in distance, the original Gamma World grabs you, and doesn't let go.

Inside are a page rulebook, and a fold-out map of post-holocaust North America. The rules immediately set the game apart from the typical fantasy RPGs of the time: Mutations and Technology. And these areas are richly detailed. Though characters begin play without technology, the unspoken assumption is that the PCs would quickly acquire ancient artifacts.

Though Humanoids and Mutated Animals set out with the physical and mental powers to survive in a dangerous environment, Pure Strain Humans can only rely on anemic primitive weapons, and the promise of great things in the future if they survive, since they are most able to utilize ancient artifacts. Start out weak, but stronger as they gain levels. The rules and background, even if a bit thin by modern standards, are enough to play.

The setting is so rich and exotic, it would take a pretty dull referee to not be able to use this set as a launchboard for their own imagination. The large map in the original set, with its not-quite-familiar continental outlines, has never been matched in its simple beauty in any of the later editions of Gamma World. Depicting oceans, lakes, mountains, and ancient cities some underwater! I can say without reservation that the original Gamma World set is one of the prized pieces of my personal collection.

James M. TSR Paul Reiche III The Erol Otus art on the title page is unmistakable. A buggem nest and an underwater ancient complex await the players. New creatures, new robots, and new weapons. In recent weeks several of the outlying towns of his Barony have been wiped out by a band of mysterious golden marauders. These creatures struck from nowhere and vanished without a trace when their deeds were done. The Warder has decided that they must be stopped before the entire Barony of Horn falls beneath their onslaught, and so he is offering a great reward to anyone who can defeat the Legion of Gold.

No one, even Arx Skystone, the high priest, knows what has caused Far-Go's misfortune. You are part of a group of young adventurers about to begin the sacred Rite of Adulthood. The last hope of survival for Far-Go rests with your party. On your journey to the Forest of Knowledge, you must search for clues to the origin of the mysterious plague.

This quest may lead you into great danger As you travel through the savage wilderness, all you have are you companions, your wits, your strength This module contains referee notes, background information, maps, new creatures, mutations, robotic units and new rules for Pure Strain Humans for use with Gamma World Science Fantasy Game Michael Price It filled out the thinly-written 1st edition, with "expanded mutation, equipment and NPC descriptions, rewritten and reorganized basic rules and a full set of previously unpublished campaign rules.

One of my favorite editions of Gamma World, maintaining the spirit of the 1st edition, yet much more playable. You are trapped and defenseless.

You thought you had three shots in the rifle and 10 more minutes on the stun whip. The fusion bomb? You used it yesterday. Ah, so the character sheet wasn't such a bad idea after all?

Designated spaces organize the character's statistics, mutations, possessions, followers, creatures encountered, and more. This package provides 32 character sheets and tips on how to use them. Now that you can keep track of this important information, you are ready to journey into the far future.

Your bitter enemies, the Gray Rock tribe, have accused your tribe, the White Feathers, of murder and treachery. Your tribe is now under sentence of death -- you and your party have been declared outlaws and traitors.

The fate of your tribe lies in your hands. Pursued by an enraged mob of mutants, you must flee across the frozen Parklands of the Ancients [Yellowstone] to find proof of your innocence.

This campaign module contains Gamemaster notes, background information, maps, new creatures, new artifacts, a new robot, and four bonus campaign scenarios for use with the revised Gamma World Science Fantasy Role-Playing Game. Included in this adventure is a new player aid -- the Ranger Ruler!! The Range Ruler simplifies combat with weapons and mutational powers.

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Your mission is to investigate rumors of a stockpile of ancient artifacts. Following a sketchy map, you cross the great river Twainway the day after leaving your settlement. Two days later, in unexplored wilderness, you encounter hostile nomad tribes. After finding traces of a lost expedition, you know you're on the trail of something big.

They are members of a tribal confederation known as Clan Cambol. Each is ruled by a council of tribal elders.

To become an adult member of Clan Cambol, one must perform a "Rite of Passage. The journey to and from Pitz Burke is spent in meditation. In addition, candidates for adulthood are assigned by the tribal council a specific feat that must be performed on the trip to successfully complete the rite.

Twice a year those from Grover who are to undergo this rite travel to Pitz Burke in a group of at least four sometimes more. They are allowed to borrow weapons and equipment held by the tribe and may consult the tribal elders when planning their trip. They are not allowed to use transport and can't hire or recruit NPC's to accompany them. This summer, the group travelling to Pitz Burke has a special mission.

They must try to rescue three fellow clansmen being held for a ransom of gold pieces by a band of Carrin and Bloodbird brigands inside the city.

If there are fewer than four players plus the GM , enough NPC's are added to the party to give it at least four members. A fifth character is then assigned to the party as a guide.

This character is Karp, one of four clansmen who went to Pitz Burke the previous spring to perform their rite of passage. The other three members of that party are now prisoners of the brigands. Karp was also a prisoner, but was released by the Carrins to carry a ransom demand to the tribal elders.

If more than 5 characters including Karp are in the party, the GM should take the following steps to ensure game balance: 1. NPC's are added only if there are less than four players. Once the party has been formed, the members must be equipped. Karp also has a Needler with a new Power Pack and a full Clip and carries the Lexicon and Map given the party by the village elders.

As long as the party has the Lexicon, they can communicate with almost anything they meet. They may look at the Area Map whenever they want. No NPC's can be hired or Recruited. March Preparations When the party has been chosen and equipped, the players should look over the Area Map of Allegheny and pick the general route they will follow to get to Pitz Burke. Then the PC's should elect from the group a party leader or "caller" who will be responsible for expressing the party's desires to the GM whenever necessary.

Only PC's can be party leaders. The GM should become involved in this choice only to break ties. The players should next decide on a March Order who walks ahead of whom. If the players have questions during their preparations the GM should answer them in the role of tribal elder.

The village of Pearl is the southernmost settlement of the clan. Clan Cambol is the second largest clan. It controls the land bordered by Yungztown in the west, the foothills to the east, the Cambol Road in the north and the Kastle Road in the south. Formerly the third largest clan, Okane is now the smallest of the four since its war with the Black Cambols.

The remains of the clan have been absorbed by the Oclarians. The former Okane lands are now administered from Oclare, though the Okanes retain some self-government. Northeast of Pitz Burke are the lands of Clan Gumry.

The formal border of the clan lands is formed by the Gany and Swan Rivers in the east and south and by the Deathlands of Tannin in the north. The four clans are mutually hostile. Each is governed by the elders of the several tribes into which the clan is divided. A Clan Moot is held each spring when adult clan members those who have made their Rite of Passage discuss clan business. This check is made in addition to the normal Encounter Check for the March Turn. Members of rival clans caught in clan territory will be killed on sight or captured for purposes of torture.

The main threat to the peace of the area is the Red Death.

The wild Deathlands of Hio are the refuge of huge nomadic bands of Red Death raiders who gather each spring and summer to sweep into Allegheny on their swift Centisteed mounts, killing and burning. The favored rendezvous points of the raiders are Yungztown and Eastpool.

The various clans and states in Allegheny have long followed the practice of giving lands near these points to those who seem able to defend themselves against the yearly raids. The main defense in the north are the Yexils assisted by a subsect of the Radioactivists called the Rads. In the south, scattered settlements of Archivists, Restorationists and Purists serve this purpose. Any party travelling through the part of Allegheny west of the line formed by the Nango, Beaver, Hio and Mon Rivers must check once per March Turn in spring and summer for a Random Encounter with 1d20 Red Death warriors.

Red Death warriors encountered in this manner will always attack. They will try to subdue characters instead of killing them, taking prisoners to camps in Yungztown or Eastpool where they can be tortured to death in various amusing ways. A second threat to the peace has been growing in the east where the Bonapartists have founded the so- Page 4 of 37 called Duchy of Gany. So far, the Bonapartists have twice crossed the Gany River in a bid to conquer the fertile lands of the Cambols and Okanes.

In response to this threat, the Oclarian Empire has sprung up in the last 20 years. Within Oclarian lands are two freeholds, the Ancient Installation of Boyerz and the monastery at Adrian Watch, both of which the Oclarians hope to bring fully under their control. Any Oclarians or Bonapartists encountered in this way will try to take the party prisoner, killing them if they refuse to surrender. Prisoners will usually be drafted into the army or sentenced to forced labor. By far the largest and most important state in Allegheny is the Kingdom of New Arndale with its capital city at New Arndale.

The kingdom has a fearsome reputation as a place where strangers disappear and the secret police are both extremely strong and efficient. If the party has a safe conduct pass issued only at Toll Gate or Harmony and are on the right road, they will be allowed to proceed unmolested.

Otherwise, they will be made prisoner and taken to New Arndale for trial. Trials almost always end in a sentence of forced labor at the state farm at Widnoo. Safe conduct passes will only be granted to traders who wish to travel to the city of New Arndale and back to their original entry point. The kingdom does not permit travel by outsiders for purposes other than trade.

This vast area and the lands to the south and southwest are controlled by a number of loosely allied Restorationist communities that are hostile to strangers, especially the wild clansmen of the north whom they view as savages. West of Pitz Burke is a similar collection of Archivist and Radioactivist villages. The Archivists are bitter enemies of the local Restorationists and there is constant raiding between the two groups. Southwest of this concentration is the so-called Allegheny Liberated Zone, a Zoopremisist stronghold stretching south for 60 kilometers.

The Zoopremisists are not involved in events outside this zone except for making an occasional raid to steal artifacts from the Archivists or Restorationists. Southeast of Pitz Burke is a huge Programmer Theocracy dedicated to the worship of "the great and powerful Ozz.

A variety of settlements, shrines, monasteries and freeholds coexist in the area in relative peace. If the GM wants to set detailed action in any of these spots, he will need to add more information. The descriptions are provided merely as guides for Random Encounters. Features shown are listed in alphabetical order.

The "brothers" will gladly tend the wounded or ill and will offer up to three night's free lodging to travellers who appear peaceful. Nonmembers will be barred from the grounds and driven off by force if necessary.

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This check must be made in addition to the normal Encounter Check for the March Turn. They tend to be hostile toward non-Restorationists. Checks of this type are made in addition to other Encounter Checks. Its deadly nature has made Bad Burnz a major shrine of the Radioactivists. The machinery of the truck stop has long since decayed, but the huge buildings are still used as a trading post.

During spring and summer, 1d4 hundred traders and settlers will be in the area. Checks for Encounters of this type are made in addition to normal Encounter Checks. The check is made in addition to the normal Encounter Check for the March turn. They are unfriendly to strangers. It is a barren waste.

It was once the core of the extensive Mechlands which provided Pitz Burke with most of its vegetables. Other types of Robots abound in this area, especially General Household Robots and various types of Engineering Robots. The CI which has named itself "Ozz" takes its worshippers seriously. It has decreed that only "believers" may live within the borders of Broad Acres and regular patrols ensure that Page 6 of 37 this is so. Ozz's relations with Newton, Library, Atyfor and the other communities in the area are very good and Broad Acres supplies much of the food for these communities for a price.

Checks for this type of Encounter are made in addition to normal Encounter Checks.

Checks of this type are made in addition to normal Encounter Checks. They visit there regularly. Yungztown is the other.

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The New Arndalites shun the area, however, since it is heavily infested with Terls. This check is made instead of the normal Encounter Check for the turn. This check is in addition to the normal Encounter Check for the March Turn. The soldiers patrol along Sun Creek from Harmony to Utler, taking captive all strangers they find south of the creek.

The residents also have a defense pact with the Archivists of Pitz Burke and Ellvue. They welcome strangers and are eager to trade for rare artifacts. If unable to acquire an artifact by trade, they will try to steal it. They seldom leave the ruins and, in fact, try by all possible means to insure that their existence remains a secret except to their near neighbors. They will hunt down strangers who stumble on their village, recruit any Androids in the party and kill all non-Android prisoners.

They welcome peaceful strangers, but will attempt to discourage them from entering Pitz Burke by relating wild tales about the city. They will use a powerful Communications Sender to warn their fellow Sleeths in Pitz Burke if visitors insist on continuing their journey in that direction.Any Random Encounters taking place in this area should be treated as Encounters with 1d8 Zarns.

The 5th version of Gamma World was a supplement for the science-fiction game Alternity. The Zoopremisists are not involved in events outside this zone except for making an occasional raid to steal artifacts from the Archivists or Restorationists. Imagine that: So far, the Bonapartists have twice crossed the Gany River in a bid to conquer the fertile lands of the Cambols and Okanes.

Within Oclarian lands are two freeholds, the Ancient Installation of Boyerz and the monastery at Adrian Watch, both of which the Oclarians hope to bring fully under their control.

It is a barren waste.

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