Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Journalist and former syndicated columnist Mike McGrady (Newsday, Los Angeles Times) has written many books, and he. Ordeal by Linda Lovelace. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Linda Lovelace became a household name in , when Deep Throat--a film made for only $became the first pornographic movie ever to cross over to mainstream audiences, to the tune of $ million and counting. Despite being the face that launched the film's phenomenal.

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Ordeal. [Linda Lovelace; Mike McGrady] -- Former porno movie star tells the true story of the brutality and horror behind her rise in the business from turning. Ordeal by Linda Lovelace; 13 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Biography, DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled (DAISY ). ORDEAL Linda Lovelace with Mike McGrady CITADEL PRESS Kensington Publishing Corp. All copyrighted material within is.

When she needed to make a phone call, he would hold a loaded gun pointed at her while she talked.

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It is a little difficult to reconcile the two versions. Given that she admits to having systematically lied for years, one of course wonders whether this book isn't just more lies.

Maybe her new life was being controlled by the feminist anti-porn movement in as cynical a way as her old life was controlled by Traynor. Well, I was thinking that earlier today, and literally a couple of minutes later the morning paper arrived.

Let me copy in the story that appeared at the bottom of page 1 of The Guardian: At midnight on 28 November last year, Sarah made the phone call she says she thought would save her life.

After nine years of abuse from a man she describes as so controlling that she wasn't allowed her own purse, let alone bank card or driving licence, she had finally been pushed over the edge. Minutes earlier, as she tells the story, she had been held down and savagely raped by her husband, Ray, again. When he went downstairs to have a cigarette, she dialled and whispered to the operator what had happened. Waiting for the police to arrive, she feared Ray would kill her, but when the officers came and eventually found him hiding in woods nearby, she thought the worst was over and she would finally be safe.

Ray would go to jail and she could make a new life for herself and their children.

But on 5 November, almost exactly a year later, she was the one in the dock, being told by a judge that she was going to prison. And as she made her way in a van from Mold crown court in north Wales to start an eight-month sentence at Styal prison in Cheshire, Ray was waiting at the school gates to pick up the children. Ray pleaded not guilty to the rape charges and the Crown Prosecution Service subsequently decided to discontinue proceedings against him.

On Tuesday, Sarah was released on appeal, on the orders of the lord chief justice, Lord Judge, the most senior member of the judiciary in England and Wales. There should be, said Judge, "a broad measure of compassion for a woman who had already been victimised".

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She had served 18 days. Sarah had been convicted of perverting the course of justice after retracting what Judge said was a "truthful" allegation that Ray had raped her six times. To many people, a rape retraction would be a clear sign of a damaged woman under pressure from a manipulative partner.

But to the CPS, Sarah was perverting the course of justice. On Thursday night, she sat down and spoke to the Guardian for two hours from her older sister's house in Powys, mid-Wales.

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Judge had ordered her not to return to her own home, occupied by Ray and the children she hasn't spoken to since 5 November, when she told them she was going for some Christmas shopping; in reality she was heading to court to hear her sentence. I didn't want them to see me upset.

She picks her words carefully, apologising when she can feel tears coming, continually calling herself "stupid" and "foolish" for mistakes she says she has made. Her voice does not waver as she details years of abuse, but she avoids eye contact, staring straight ahead with dull eyes as she calmly details "a year of hell".

At am last Tuesday, Sarah was working in Styal's prison garden when a guard told her that her barrister was on the phone. But I haven't been let out without a punishment and yet I shouldn't have been punished at all. Though she is now free, she has a criminal record. When Ordeal became a national bestseller in it was an event that had meaning beyond the success of a single book.

It is clear now that it was one of the early signs of a new awareness that the "sexual revolution" was not all that it first seemed. Some of its results now include growing awareness of sexual exploitation, battered women and child abuse.

The author of Ordeal was swamped by letters and calls from women who immediately understood her story from having suffered similar experiences. Written frankly, openly and in a style that struck such a chord in the heart of American public, Out of Bondage is an important addition to Linda Lovelace Marchiano's story.

In it Linda gives details of the agony she suffered in facing the public with her story the first time. She had to sit in a court room where a judge arbitrarily insisted on a screening of Deep Throat, "for evidence," and she had to live as a person in fear for her life, on the run from men who had made millions of dollars from her degradation.

Linda makes clear that the dirty movie business is very much a dirty business. The people who run it, with the typical arrogance of real criminals, routinely enforce a form of slavery on its performers. Linda Lovelace did her best in difficult circumstances and, upon overcoming them, wrote this book to try and help others.

Do you know how utterly offensive that is? Really disappointed in this review.

Out of Bondage

Like Stephanie and Alisande both mention, I believe the point here was to highlight how problematic and damaging it can be when abusers appropriate and distort sex-positive ideas, arguments and language for their own ends. If you are a woman Anon then there is a more depressing point that feminists are constantly attacking one another within their splintered factions.

If we are to ever get to a point where we no longer need feminism because women are treated equally, even to the point where the in built prejudices are non existent, then women and men have to start supporting one another to further that cause. If you watch any interview of Billy Jean King and she makes the point perfectly, stop saying the first thing that comes into your mind, think and support one another.

It behooves us to work together and achieve a gestalt power. Your disappointment being invoked by this point is unfounded I feel, at no point is there any conflating, consarn it.

The fact is that her husband appropriated the idea from pro-sex feminists as a smokescreen to cover himself. It was a total lie and only intended to diminish his responsibility. Because of his deceitful use of it he harmed the movement.She suffered extreme exploitation and degradations. Despite their many surface differences, the two men had much in common, as I was to learn.

Therefore, I had to go somewhere else. Linda makes clear that the dirty movie business is very much a dirty business. It was lunchtime and I was famished.

And there was always the possibility of escape, the thought that he might slip up and leave me unguarded for a few minutes. They wonder whether it is possible to go through weeks and months of incredible sexual activity and receive no sensual pleasure at all.

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