World main ocean routes for power vessels .. Ocean Passages for the World is ~vritten for use in planning deep-sea voyages. It contains. Ocean Passage for the World - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Ocean Passage for the World. NP Ocean Passages for the World, 6th Edition [, PDF]. Year: Language: english. Author: UKHO. Genre: Guide. Publisher: UKHO.

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In addition to paper format, ADMIRALTY Ocean Passages for the World volumes are available as ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publications (AENP). AENPs bring. OCEAN PASSAGES FOR THE WORLD Format, pdf mariners with wealth of valuable information related to the planning of ocean voyages. Admiralty Ocean Passages for the World, a venerable publication name-checked regularly in cruising narratives, is not cheap or lighter than an e-reader, but it.

These circumstances are most likely to arise in the rear of the eastward-moving depressions where, in the Northern Hemisphere, the winds are North Westerly and in the Southern Hemisphere, South Westerly.

From this it follows i that heavy swell is more likely to out-run the gale zones on their tropical, than on their poleward flanks; and ii that it is more likely to be experienced in the eastern than in the western side of the oceans.

In low latitudes gales are almost entirely confined to those areas frequented by tropical storms.

What is Ocean Passages Of The World (NP – 136)?

In a normal year the number of such storms seldom exceeds two a month in any one area. South of the Equator there are no tropical storms in these winter months. The chart shows the mean monthly position of the Intertropical Convergency Zone.

The severity of the weather near the Zone depends upon the degree of wind convergence occurring there and varies both in space and time from clear skies, when there is no convergence, to squalls, with heavy rain and thunderstorms, when the convergence is marked. Only the location and direction of the main ocean currents are indicated.

A direct result of this is that, according to whether the wind blows from warmer to colder latitudes, or vice versa, the surface water temperatures will be above, or below, the average for the latitude.

NP136 Ocean Passages for the World, 6th Edition [2014, PDF]

Some idea of the relative warmth or coldness of the currents is given by the extent to which the sea isotherms in the vicinity of the current arrows bend polewards or equatorwards respectively; thus the Benguella Current is obviously cold, the Agulhas Current warm. In the open ocean, and along leeward shores, sea and air temperatures agree fairly closely within 1 or so ; thus August sea temperature off Scilly is approximately C.

Along windward shores, especially in high latitudes, differences up to 20C. Reply Toggle Dropdown Quote. Topic has been moved from forum Nautical charts, tables, sailing directions to forum Archive admin.

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Respect your wish to avoid the scatter-gun approach, but browsing some of the better blogs listed in the top thread of the Liveaboard Forum would fill in the winter evenings, and certainly whet your appetite for possible destinations.

Loads of good information there. I am specifically interested in sailing Patagonia so I have spent a lot of time on google with some great blogs found.

Takes time but there is lots of interesting stuff to be found. Chris oldvarnish , If you are downloading Ocean Passages for the World, be aware that an earlier edition contains the routes for sailing ships which is what you need and the more recent editions may not have it.

Cornell is very good , but I imagine his original sources were Ocean Passages and wind pilot charts.

As to the OP's question. Until you gain that very basic knowledge, cornell's book is hard to beat.The positions. In poor visibility. Currents setting in these directions occupy most of the Gulf W of a line from Cabo Catoche to close W of the Mississippi delta.

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For dangers from icebergs see 3. This is supplemented through the year by a S equatorial flow that has crossed the equator.

West coasts of Spain and Portugal. By great circle to destination.

These swells are invariably short or average in strength.

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