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Msc Orchestra Deck Plan Download

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MSC Orchestra interactive deckplans, MSC Orchestra cabin diagrams, MSC Orchestra pictures, stateroom cabin video. MSC Orchestra deck plans - review of all facilities, activities, amenities, deck from the officially issued by MSC Cruises deckplan pdf (printable version). Click below to view a deck plan. Pianoforte Deck; Violino Deck; Saxofono Deck; Arpa Deck; Viola Deck; Lira Deck; Flauto Deck; Clarinetto Deck; Mandolino.

The first cruise to this new destination takes place from the 21st to the 28th of December The second cruise will take place from the 8th to the 15th of February New and exciting shore excursions have been arranged for the island, including more water sports activities.

What a fantastic experience! There was nothing about this cruise that could get a bad review, as there was more than enough to do Friendly staff all round. We bought a drinks package and this was good value for money and also the internet package worked so well.

I pre-ordered a bottle of bubbly for our room, and this was there when we arrived and a big surprise to my husband. Will I go again and recommend this?

Oh yes! We had an amazing time on the cruise.

MSC Orchestra Deck Plans

The staff were super friendly, entertaining and helpful. There was always plenty to do on-board and so we were never bored. Since my experience with MSC, my husband and I are planning to have our honeymoon on the ship.

We are very much looking forward to it. Oh well, I did not really feel like it, but the ladies in my wateraerobics class were adament We downloaded pictures of the MSC Opera and the islands and posted it on our Whats App group, we downloaded deck plans, and the bar lists and menus.

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We bought drinks packages and exchanged our rands for dollars. We downloaded maps for our destinations, especially Maputo, all in all we practically reached fever-pitch a week before our departure date!

We went our separate ways towards Durban, and only met on the wonderful Opera at 17h00 as pre-arranged We had cocktails, too many to count and my sister and I, not being big drinkers, sometimes had the zero-proofs without telling anyone, so they thought we could really guzzle all those beautiful drinks without being the worse for wear!

We had smoothies from the ice-cream bar, we lounged like rich bitc s on the upper deck, sipping from a tall glass and contemplating life in its unsoiled and unspoiled splendour from the top of the gloriously beautiful ship, with a cool sea breeze ruffling our hair and funky music sounding from the deck as background. Lights out for 1 second and bang, there is an elephant on the stage!! And of course, we roared with laughter with the one and only Stephen Cloete, who had us laughing so much during the late-evening show that I nearly fell off my chair!

We attended the quizzes, and every evening decided we are going to the disco, but that never realised, we either danced in the bar, partied on the deck, attended shows, visited with our friends, and before we could believe it it was, once again, after 01h00, and we had te retire to our luxurious and comfortable cabin to catch our beauty sleep before the next hectic wonderful day.

We are, after all, not spring chickens anymore! Never in my life was I more grateful for my short hair We adored the rocking motion of the big Opera, which made for very sound sleeping. And we ate The ship newspaper with all the stuff we could do for the next day we had to read in the privacy of a small place My sister and I were standing on the deck, and we started saying goodbye to our favourite places, the back of the ship on our deck deck 9, where the water rushed out and away, leaving a white trail in the blue water It will take us 2 years to save enough to go on a 7 day cruise, because there is so much that we must still do Alta Landman 06 January Rating 4.

To top it all safety was enforced by the crew by demonstrating to us how to use life jackets in case of an emergency, and also our safety spots to rush to during the emergency alarm moments. The entertainment life is so fabouuuloous on that ship as it caters for all age groups, oow I even won the brains of the day award on the 8th of December during the daily afternoon quiz session.

I am very certain that my next cruise I am taking my husband, mom, mom in law, brothers, my three kids as kids cruise for free and so much fun for them with the love showered by cruise attendants during their activities. Thank you MSC cruise team for a wonderful experience". Botho Seitshiro. It was supposed to be to Portuguese islands but we missed that and we spent a day just in reach of Maputo, but could not get off due to the weather. The following day we therefore went to Maputo and then straight back home.

So we spent 3 days at sea and one day at port and that was it.

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And the funny thing is that just the previous December I was on the same ship on the New Years cruise to Mauritius and what was meant to be 3 days on the sunny island ended in a few hours only. So both my trips were very traumati. Even the staff asked what do I do for a living as I was cruising back to back almost. Hoping that his cruise will change my mind about cruising and I'm sure some cruise vouchers will ease the pain. Hope third time lucky to actually see what I'm going to see.

Mary-Ann Warries. Our dream honeymoon was to take a cruise ship from Durban, up the east coast of Africa. I contacted South Africa Travel Online for a quote and was pleasantly surprised with the speed at which I was contacted.

I received great service and prices from Victor Bunjira, who did all the admin work quickly and professionally with a great attitude. A couple of days before we were to set of for the cruise I realised that I didn't save the e-tickets on my personal laptop we were taking with us.

MSC Orchestra

I called Victor, all stressed out, and he helped immediately and sent me the tickets. The cruise was an amazing experience for us, and something that we will never forget!

All in all I received great service and I would definitely make use of the services of South Africa Travel Online again! Thank you for everything!

MSC Orchestra deck plans

Why don't you experience the most wonderful vacation ever. Thank you MSC for your professional service.

We took our teenage daughters with - they were sixteen and we only paid port taxes. Needless to say they are hooked too and can't wait for our next cruise. Comment: Flights two days before or after a cruise are often cheaper than flights on the the day cruises depart so why not stay over in Durban for a night or two.

When the flight landed at King Shaka we just made the last bus to the ship. Bella Experience Balcony Cabin Balcony cabins approximately from 17 to 39 m2.

Bella Experience Relax in a well-equipped cabin and enjoy the wide variety of superb facilities on board.

Take advantage of the pool, cutting-edge panoramic gym and open-air sports facilities to stay in shape. You can even earn MSC Voyagers Club points so that you can enjoy even more benefits on your next cruise.

Bella Experience Inside Cabin Inside cabins approximately from 13 to 20 m2. Bella Experience Obstructed View Cabin 92 Outside with partial view cabins approximately from 16 to 17 m2. This size range includes both standard cabins and cabins for guests with disabilities or reduced mobility, which are larger. Fantastica Experience Balcony Cabin Balcony cabins approximately from 17 to 39 m2.

Choose from prestigious cabins including Super Family cabins where available located on the upper decks, with easy access to lifts and lounges.

Make use of the freedom to change your booking details if necessary, including guest names and departure dates: even cancellation is flexible. Enjoy hour-a-day room service with free delivery and priority choice of dining times in the gourmet restaurants.Our motto: Do everything! Navigation - Interactive map way finder provides advice scheduled events, opening hours, etc and directions while on the ship.

So relaxing to enjoy a few worryless days. The cruise ship, launched in June , was fitted with a total of Interactive screens, info screens, 31 virtual screens, 81 video wall monitors, cabins ; NFC entry-door opening , iBeacons, WAPs wireless access points , CCTV cameras. The cruise ship, launched in June , was fitted with a total of Interactive screens, info screens, 31 virtual screens, 81 video wall monitors, cabins ; NFC entry-door opening , iBeacons, WAPs wireless access points , CCTV cameras.

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