Immediacy, Hypermediacy, and Remediation g Mediation and Remediation. 9 Networks of Remediation. I1 Media. 4 Computer Games. 6 Digital Photography. PDF | 45 minutes read | On Jan 1, , Stephen Dobson and others published Remediation. Understanding New Media - Revisiting a Classic. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Feb 28, , Jay David Bolter and others published Remediation: Understanding New Media.

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much cited texts, such as Literacy in the New Media Age by Gunther Kress A presentation of Remediation. Understanding New. Media. The authors note in the preface that the book .. PDF download for Jay David Bolter and Richard Grusin, Remediation: Formal Analysis and Cultural Critique in Digital Media Theory No Access. Jay David. What concerns us is remediation in our current media in North. America . these new applications, the desire for immediacy is apparent in claims that digital.

It incorporates these two layers, and is usually how all digital media is presented: the author and the user both understand and accept this concept.

Immediacy, on the other hand, is full immersion into the medium; it is defined as a "style of visual representation whose goal is to make the viewer forget the presence of the medium canvas, photographic film, cinema, and so on and believe that he is in the presence of the objects of representation" [6] There is a co-dependent relationship between hypermedia and immediacy.

Immediacy is remediated when people crave for immersion into the medium. The closer the medium is to generating reality, the more content users are. Murray discusses the issues with remediation in our society.

Remediation: Understanding New Media

They think about what they would want to change with the current forms of media and what they want to bring over into the next form of media. The second issue is about boundaries of technology and of the projects themselves, and this leads to taking smaller steps in order to develop a future and more drastically different version.

The content can be anything that someone is creative enough to imagine. This is how the web is. The web is just what holds and delivers the content. This analog simplifies what the web as a medium affects people.

The content being so vast means that there is always something that a user has not read or interacted with. There is always new content being remediated from old content, because the desire for more interaction motivates remediation. The medium changes through this process. Bloggers are paying homage to these magazines- an integral part of remediation, according to Bolter and Grusin- through this simultaneous use in concept and content.

Additionally, they are often photographed in city streets or against urban walls, therefore positioning the street as a space of fashionable display.

The blogosphere is an unmediated space that allows flexibility and consumer interpretation of the elite fashion world. Essentially, magazine editors and bloggers are collaborating, therefore reinforcing the idea of remediation across platforms.

Richard Allen, and MSU professional writing students. Ellen, a Cherokee citizen, was also called upon to build and contribute to the project. They put together audio and images that pointed towards a unified early-twentieth century Cherokee nation, therefore building rhetorical proof of the tribes struggled to achieve statehood and were ousted to Indian Territory.

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The first installment of this project was launched in under the title The Allotment in Cherokee History, The digitization of these documents remediated a previously vacant space of social and political statehood amongst two people groups. The collaborative effects of scholars, students, and the Cherokee people alike is an excellent example of the power selecting media to make social and political implications. Also has to be decided which content is appropriated for which medium?

I think the answer is like the case of 3D movies; not all movie genres are appropriate for 3D. And not for every book value is added by enhancing them. For new media it can occur that a feature is embedded which is no longer functional in itself but refers back to a feature which was functional for an older medium.

Katherine Hayles calls these features skeuomorph.

Remediation: Will new media eat older media alive?

She explains the presence of these skeuomorph as the psychological necessity for innovation to be tempered by replication. The new is found to be more acceptable when it recalls the old. In this way the transition between the old and the new is smoothened.

This concept can also be reversed; new possibilities offered by the new media are not immediately noticed. For manuscripts there is no need for page numbers since there are only a few copies of one book, however if books are disseminated in large quantities it is useful to be able to make references to pages.

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Another example is that the first printed books were printed with a typeface which copied the appearance of script instead of a typeface which was easier to read. This is called the horseless carriage syndrome: employing old methods on new technology.

Remedation leads to questioning the status of the medium. As my example of the e-books show this leads to questioning how a new medium must be defined. Can you still call an iPad book a book, is it a new media or maybe a hybrid medium? A new cultural definition for a book is needed. This was also the case for the computer; in the early days of the computer we thought of computers exclusively as word processors, now we think of them as devices for generating images, creating animation and special effects, reworking photographs etc.

Remediation also leads to the question whether new media can make older media obsolete. Can VR be the ultimate medium which incorporates all other medium? Is VR the last medium in the goal of medium to reach total immediacy? References Bolter, Jay David. Hayles, Katherine. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Jay, Martin. Lessing, G. Ryan, Marie-Laure. Schram, Suzanne.


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Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Lev Manovich. Where Old and New Media Collide.

Henry Jenkins. Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. Marshall McLuhan. The Medium is the Massage. Digital Griots: Adam J.

Spreadable Media: Review The authors do a splendid job of showing precisely how technologies like computer games, digital photography, film television, the Web, and virtual reality all turn on the mutually constructive strategies of generating immediacy and making users hyperaware of the media themselves Read more.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. This book was most enligthening, it explained in a very structured form, what it is we were doing when creating content for new medias. As Moliere said, "doing prose without knowing it", I have used my newly acquired epistemology of remediation extensively to better explain to our young designers what it is they were doing when "re-mediating" clients'content for a new media application, be it Web, Multimedia apps or art-tech.

Grusin and Bolter are challenging us to excellence in remediation whatever the final purpose. The most important concept that the authors brought to me, was that more and better remediation has often nothing to do with more technology, and much more to do with better and more effective or intelligent ways to communicate. In my view this book is a must reading, and a reference book for anyone producing content with a certain degree of awareness.

If you believe that the new media demand a "different" attitude,this is a textbook for you.

Paperback Verified download. This book is a hard read.However, the de- sire for immediacy itself has a history that is not easily overcome. They can also decide where to look—where to direct their graphically realized points of view—so that in interactive film, the player is often both actor and director.

Within this evolutionary path is located the research object of this thesis that involves the search for narrative formats that adapt in a more personalized way to the digital mobile devices, their specific characteristics and potentialities and also to the journalism that is reconfigured from the transformations of the contemporaneity. This full definition of immediacy, of course, does not exist. The time has come for critical scholarship to shake off the yoke of TINA there is no alternative , and start to take seriously the bankruptcy of capitalism and the possibilities of a socialist alternative.

Remedi- ation always operates under the current cultural assumptions about im- mediacy and hypermediacy.

Not well organized, arbitrary, puffed up, dense. Their windows opened on to a world of information made visible and almost tangible to the user, and their goal was to make the surface of these windows, the interface itself, transparent.

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